Change only our purpose

The dream of digital India is possible only if we change completely. But the way our pace is going to take many years. Our aim from is that the website has arrived in the villages and towns of the city where there is mobile. And this is possible only if we add more people to it. We started adding this as a stringer from the people of 545 villages of the district

Through the website, we aim to show every small and big event of the village and the city through it. We have stepped up in the direction of web journalism, which will get good response in the coming days. Currently many websites have been launched to social revolution, but this is the first portal in the form of a web portal in digital India that has tried to reach people.

My own point

Dilip Sharma is a small village Brahmanidih, living in Chhattisgarh. I had a passion to write from childhood but due to lack of poverty and direction, I had to do my own business. But at the age of 27, I did print journalism and started the job. But yes the opportunity got so much, but here also I could not find the freedom which I had stepped in here.

Finally, before the year 2017, he talked to elder brother Vijay Sharma, he said, “In any company, work like a brother-in-law should work better than doing the job. I found this thing right, and at the same moment I changed my direction.

मेरा शहर मेरा गांव   My city my village

The development of cities and villages has increased rapidly, as well as the leaders have also grown rapidly towards development, there is no touch from any of the many leaders of the country have gone to jail due to black money, we talk about our city and village, at which speed Roads and buildings have been built; corruption is also unrestricted at the same speed; Prohibition of corruption, the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked to do all the work arrangements online, and it is seen that the person Ti was made online through the base

But the governance-administration work has not been online yet. People have reached the mobile but the utility speed is slow. Governments have tried it for this but efforts have now also been taken to the cold storage. It has definitely changed in my city and village that 25 percent of the people have already gone to drunkenness. No effort has been made to stop this.